Sunday, March 25, 2012

my life (March)-part 1

I fear i miss you even more, cuz u’re not mine yet

These words keep haunting me since I got it from someone who I barely knew. We met in social networking for several months ago. For me, the sender of this message is an ordinary social networking friend, like the others. But, the things became weird after a couple weeks ago. After receiving this message yesterday, I pray. Despite the shock, but in my heart, there is a great feeling.

Ya Allah, andainya sudah ditulis di lembaran hidupnya di lauh mahfuz bahawa aku yang akan berada di sisinya. Kuatkan lah semangat aku supaya aku dapat melaksanakan ibadahku dengan penuh keredaan Mu ke atas nya.. amin, ya Rabb..

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