Sunday, May 6, 2012

Exclusive for MR Zhauji only..!!

assalamualaikum warahmatullah...
this post're made for the one important person in my life.. mr zhauji. although im not getting married yet. i hope oneday he will read this post.

to mr zhauji, "this post is for u.. read this carefully then u'll how much i had been sacrifice for this relationship.."
sacrifice?? sometimes, sacrifice is the most wonderful thing i ever did.
why?? b'cuz when i made a sacrifice, then i'll know how much to appreciate the thing that encourage me to do so.

to mr zhauji, i cover my aurah, b'cuz i obey to Allah azza wa jalla order.. 
i cover my face, b'cuz i want to follow our prophet's wives..
i learn to behave like good muslimah, it doesnt mean im the good one..
but.. i try to manage my self so that oneday, it will be something that u can be proud when being with me, insyaALLAH.. ^^,
sometimes, when i get mad, when i get upset..
pleaseee...pleasee.. be with me.. pray for me, advice me...
b'cuz i'll be the mother of your children...
i heard someone said, "if u want to have a good child, then choose a good mother for him/her"
correct me i did wrong.. 

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